About Chris Farrell?
Chris Farrell was new to Internet marketing in 2008 - he now earns $50,000+ every single month in passive income.

Chris recently earned $1 million dollars in 24 hours with the AffiliateDotCom product launch.

He's a genuine person who sincerely wants to see people create their very own successful and profitable web business.
Chris Farrell
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"Chris, you are making a name for yourself out there in the Internet world and the reason people like you so much is because of your honesty and integrity."
Chippewa Falls, WI

"I have to mail you. Thank you Chris, your stuff is getting better all the time. Fantastic."
Baltimore, MD

"*&^%^$&*!!!! The megaton of frustration you have taken away is extraordinary. Thank you."
London, UK

"Chris, you are so refreshing, you come across so calm and collected, just your attitude and simplicity is like a balm after all the hype and the pushing and the manipulation."
Raleigh, NC

"I have got rid of everyone else and I am going to stick with you because for the first time I am getting somewhere."
Blue Mountains, Australia

"You are genuine and people can see that. You have a winning formula and please, please keep at it. "
San Diego, CA

"Thank you, I am finally getting somewhere, without all the stress and pressure so-called gurus use as sales tactics. "

"I'm totally blown away by your generosity of taking time out of your busy day to assist me. You are truly unique in that respect and I'm very grateful to you. "
Cumbria, UK

"Your methodology is excellent, your ability to connect is spot on, and your instincts are guiding you superbly. "
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